AGES: 12 to 17
Many experts recommend martial arts for children because a good program will teach both physical and mental skills. They can take these lessons with them and use them for a lifetime! 


AGES: 4 to 6 and 6 to 12

In addition to the physical kicking and punching skills required to learn self-defense, your child will learn how to use discipline, respect, self-control, teamwork and more to excel in academics as well as at home.


It’s Not A Sport, It’s A Life Skill. Our goal at Triton is to teach your child how to appropriately defend themselves, get them into great physical shape and teach them skills for life.




What to Bring
Workout Attire and Bare Feet. Please speak with the instructors for any other requirements. Kids/Teens are welcome to try out classes and all equipment will be provided for trials.
***Please be sure to bring your water bottle for all classes*** Stay Hydrated!
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